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And you thought you had sinus problems… (Testimonial)

And you thought you had sinus problems…

Eddie was four years old when his parents, Lori and Lyle Anderton started noticing his swollen eyes, inability to get any air flow through this nostrils, sinus infections and asthma allergies. It was the beginning of his roller coaster ride with sinusitis.

After five years of allergy shots, his doctors concluded the shots were not doing any good. Eddie was taken to Children’s Hospital and given a CAT scan which determined he had “ETHMOID DISEASE,” (The Ethmoid bone is a sieve-like bone between the nose and sinus close to the brain.) He had polyps in his sinus and a deviated septum.

At ten years old Eddie had surgery which rerouted his sinus, removed the polyps and corrected his septum. He could breathe again for three months. Then it started all over again. The polyps were back.

They tried “vacuuming” his sinus. Nothing. He got Prednisone shots INTO his nose. Nothing. He never got over the infections. He has been using antibiotics “forever” according to Lori. Sometimes everyday, for long periods of time.

Now at 13 years old, Eddie has lived most of his life with his immune system fighting, fighting, fighting.

Four weeks ago, Lori and Kyle completed a health questionnaire for Eddie that pinpoints where the nutritional deficiencies lie. There were several areas that jumped off the page at them and that is where they started. After several days, Lori decided to be extremely aggressive with Eddie’s vitamin program.


We have all been amazed at what is happening! Eddie, after not being able to get any air through his nose for nine years, is breathing again!

He was getting another sinus infection when he began his Shaklee supplement program. Lori decided NOT to go the antibiotic route and just see what happened while taking Shaklee garlic. Normally he used two rounds of antibiotics and it lasted a good two to three weeks. Lori is happy to report Eddie was well in one week and his whole demeanor has changed. He insists on taking his garlic to school. He has more energy and is more enthusiastic.

Eddie swims on Mill Creek Swim Team six days a week, completing 15 -20 miles a week. As one of Eddie’s coaches, I have noticed a major difference in his workouts. He is turning into a top notch athlete with a lot of focus.

Vita Lea Covers the basics
Carotomax Mucus membrane healer
Garlic Germ fighter
B Complex Fights fatigue, energy booster
Vitamin C Nature’s antibiotic–antihistamine, fights infection.
Osteomatrix Builds and relaxes muscles, stabilizes nervous system
Opti-flora Two servings per day-to reestablish the healthy flora that long term antibiotics destroyed
Protein To rebuild immune system that had broken down.

Blessings to you ~ Becky

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