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Help Me Support St. Jude’s Children on My Birthday

June 11th is my birthday! To celebrate, during my birthday month I want to give a gift that is bigger than me and donate money to children who can’t help themselves. Alone I can only donate so much but together we can donate so much more!

June 1 through 15th I am asking for your help to raise as much as we can for St. Jude’s hospital. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is a pediatric treatment and research facility focused on children’s catastrophic diseases.

Two ways to contribute:

1. Buy some healthy products for yourself and help kids at the same time. I will donate 10% of sales.
Shaklee is #1 natural nutrition company in the U.S. (with 100 years of heritage) providing natural nutrition supplements, weight-management products, beauty products, and household products.

2. Donate directly (just let me know)

I thank you for your heart and accepting my call for support St. Jude’s children!

Happy Holidays, 2015-16!

Gratitude, Love, Peace, and Happiness from the Tatsch Family!

Dear Friends, this is the perfect time to re-evaluate your health and your goals towards healthy life style.

Customers, we express our deep gratitude for keeping health possibility alive and using Shaklee as a part of your life style! 

If you are not a Shaklee user yet, we invite you to give Shaklee a try! Whether you have tried other products or not, whether they worked out or not, today is a new day! You have nothing to lose but unhealthy life.

Shaklee has been offering natural solutions for over 100 years for healthy nutrition, healthy weight, healthy homes, healthy beauty, healthy children, healthy aging, allergies, and more. If you are not satisfied, Shaklee has 100% money back guarantee.

TheNaturalPower is here to assist you. Start HERE >

Friends, whether you have started a while ago or you are starting today, Enjoy the Ride to a Healthy Life!

Happy Holidays! / Счастливого Нового Года и Рождества! (rus.)


General Wellness and My Personal Recipe



Friends, I have been often asked how I stay healthy and my personal usage of Shaklee products.

Today, I am sharing with you what Shaklee products I use on daily basis to keep my daily nutritional intake up to 100%, energy to the top, immune system up and running, and to help reduce stress. Flavors are my personal preference. There are plenty to choose from.


This recipe is for general use. If you have individual targeted needs, I recommend additional Shaklee supplements.

Friends, if you take these products on daily basis, you are covered, your health is on top of the game, and you are effective in life.

 Give your body a chance to be powered by the natural power! Go to

Please do not hesitate to call me, if you want to order or have questions 972.489.7449.

Allergy Season and My Personal Recipe

Mother's Health

Friends, I have been often asked about how I stay healthy and my personal usage of Shaklee products on daily basis.
This season, friends, makes us all sneezy and pretty miserable. To be effective in life, our health got to be on top on the game. With that said, let me share what I do in my daily regimen.

The products below take care of the issue in case of: prevention, just start feeling it, gotta get rid of it.

Nutriferon Watch video >
Vita C

For prevention I take as little as 2 Nutriferon a day. In a bad allergy season (whether you start feeling it or just too much around going on), add 3 Alfalfa, 1 Garlic, and 1 Vita C. The sicker you are, the more you need.

Friends, if you take this on daily basis, you got a great chance to be covered, your health is on top of the game, and you are effective in life.

Please do not hesitate to call me, if you have questions 972.489.7449.
To give your health a chance, go to

With Deep Gratitude & Warm Wishes this Holidays Season! (December 24, 2014)


Happy Holidays! Be Merry! Be Happy!
Be thankful for the earth and nature!
For the life you are given! For the power you have!
For the chance to start a new day!
For the opportunity not to be the same as yesterday!
For the choice to starts a new life! For new you every day!
Let the spirit of the season empower you
to achieve what matters and important!
Keep it! Grow it! All year long! So when you look back at your accomplishments, you are proud!
With Deep Gratitude & Warm Wishes this Holidays Season!
С Новым Годом, Ханукой и Рождеством! (rus.)
Nadya Tatsch, 2014

Happy Holidays 2013-2014!

Happy Holidays!
Be Merry!
Be Healthy!!

Inhale Love…Exhale Gratitude

Happy Valentines Day!


Happy Holidays – 2012

A snowfall. A snowflake. One among billion yet
the unique. In its travel of flight, it swirls, spins,
falls and raises. It cheers the happiness of life,
shining light to others around.
I wish you to be like the snow flake with life of
… happiness, joy, health and peace.
Happy Holidays!!
– Your friendly Shaklee distributor, Nadya Tatsch

Why I Am Who I Am, Nadya Tatsch (Health Letter – August, 2012)


It is my health story. How I recovered from being sick every month to a healthy, fit and vacuous woman.

Nadya_Tatsch Shaklee Independent Distributor Murphy TX  USA 75094

I was born in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I graduated with Bachelor’s in Education and Master’s in Psychology. While working on my graduate degree, I started working with children with special needs. In 2000 I met a wonderful man. In 2003 I moved to the United States. After my second daughter was born (in 2007), I totally went into focusing my time and energy on my family and children. Meanwhile I was not taking care of my own wellbeing. I was not sleeping enough, not eating properly, under stress, ect. It may sound familiar to moms. Within first four months (after having a baby), I shrunk from size 8 to size 00. I was sick (with a fever) about a week out of a month, every month. My health was in total mess. It was devastating!

I started looking for natural ways to get healthy.
I was raised on garlic and honey. I knew there should be something out there better than just medication or synthetic vitamins (btw, the ones bought in general stores). My sister-in-law brought me a box of vitamins. She said they were natural and asked to try them for 30 days and if I didn’t feel a difference, the company would give my money back (guaranteed). By the way, I didn’t even know that she had been in the company for 20 years. * A few months later I was a totally NEW person! I was not getting sick any more. I also had so much energy!!! I felt so great, and my next natural step was to start working out. So I did! I build my health with Prescription for Health! And I was building my body with Shaklee Cinch.

shaklee 100% guaranteeLater on, I opened the product guide and found Shaklee milestones since 1915 and over 55 years of environmental leadership and scientific innovation. For example, 1915 – doctor Shaklee creates one of the first Vitalized Minerals; Shaklee was the very company in the world First Climate Neutral Certified, 1987 – Shaklee powers the first human-powered flight (72 miles across the sea), 1993 – Shaklee creates the product for NASA, ect. How didn’t I know about Shaklee before?!
total green non-toxic house

I started using more Shaklee products. My kids were taking vitamins. My 5-y.o. stopped having frequent ear infections. I totally greenalized our household. The house didn’t smell chemicals any more. The last but not the least was nutritional therapy skin care Enfuselle. From top to bottom our family was going green. If you are committed to become healthy/green, you have to go all the way. You should be healthy inside, out and around. Shaklee offers it all. Shaklee is The-Best-of-Nature-with-the-Best-of-Science products for healthy nutrition, healthy weight, healthy personal care, healthy children, healthy sport nutrition, non-toxic homes, ect. It just makes sense to use Shaklee.

By going healthy and green all the way, one can experience a Shaklee lifestyle by earning Shaklee income. How? By using products for yourself (just like it did), Shaklee rewards you. When you share this gift of health with friends, Shaklee rewards you even more, and you can have your products paid for. By being ALL IN Shaklee business, Shaklee rewards with four trips a year and a car payment. **

shaklee 2013 carribean tripDear friends, I am in Shaklee business because Shaklee has changed my life. I feel so great! I have never felt so healthy before (not even 20 years ago)! I am in Shaklee because I love people, I love seeing committed people and seeing the improvement in their health and happiness. The last but not the least, I am in Shaklee business because I want to stay home with my family and use every valuable minute of our lives to celebrate love. But, I can’t do it alone…


I am turning to you and asking for your help.
I am looking for 3 team members
• Who want to go on the Caribbean cruise (5 islands) (I want to go on the cruise with them. I have never been on the cruise.);
• Who want a car;
• Who are motivated;
• Who love people;
• Who are motivated by money –making activities;
• Who love to work when they want to work.
Who do you know? Please call 972-489-7449 or email with your referrals.

This was my story of why I am who I am. I appreciate your time and looking forward your comments.


QR code The Natural Power Shaklee Ind. Distributor Murphy TX Nadya Tatsch

*The average customer retention rate is 20 years.
** *The average annual income in 2009 for the Business Leader ranks ranged from $10,629 for Directors to $598,037 for Presidential Master Coordinators. Average annual income for each rank is calculated monthly based on information reported on Form 1099-MISC.

My Goal, My Purpose, My Commitment – Global Health

Nadya Tatsch in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

River Neva in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

What incredible challenges of life and extraordinary privileges TIME has gifted me this summer. From seeing my family across the ocean and swimming in the sea full of  love and the commitment of happiness to realization that LIFE is not only vacation and celebration, that life is a work of ongoing achievements to reach the ultimate GOAL that is the PURPOSE of LIFE.
Upon my return (one day later) from Russia, I flew to Washington DC. We usually call this period a jet leg or a time/climate adjustment. Well, I was experiencing a jet-leg of mixed emotions: am I given the LIFE  to live at the place I was born or am I where I am and it doesn’t matter what location as long as my life’s purpose is clear and I am living it.
For the past year I have been living the commitment of improving people’s health. This upcoming year I am opening up to new opportunities. In other words, improving people’s health while them becoming financially free.
CEO Roger Barnett welcoming Shaklee family

Roger Barnett welcoming Shaklee family

On August 10th my Shaklee family welcomed me at the Washington D.C.  5,000 members participated in the annual National Shaklee Convention.  Among them, Roger Barnett (CEO, who I had a privilege to  meet and talk), Bredford Richardson (President, Shaklee International), Dave Fleming (Vice President of Sales  and my neighbor), Mark Keller (U.S. Navy Commander and NASA Shuttle Program Pilot), Aron Ralston (Author of Between a Rock and a Hard Place, the inspiration behind Oscar-nominated film 127 Hours), and the entire home office.  THEY CARE. They are COMMITTED  to others.  They are committed to the health of  PLANET. Real values of the Shaklee family.
After walking on the stage and being recognized for my achievements, I set down for a morning session and prepared to be educated. But instead, the speaker made me think.
One thought: waiting for life versus making life happen. We constantly want others to educate us, wait for a pay check, wait for somebody to tell us what to do. Why do we always wait for LIFE to LIFE us instead of MAKING LIFE happen? When you make life happen, you create the future YOU want.

Another thought: the  purpose of your life becomes the commitment you are living. You are given LIFE. And your LIFE has a PURPOSE, but don’T TRY to find it. “The definition of trying is an attempt to fail”, I heard from the stage. You  already have the purpose. It’s there. Just stop, STOP, sit down, close your eyes, and let it be, let your thoughts come to you, don’t force it. (I talked on this topic in my post “I flew some many miles across the ocean”). Your purpose is always in front of you. Now open your eyes and see it. And at this moment, the purpose of your life becomes the commitment you are living. Sometimes it alters.  And its ok.  “The commitment is your choice”, I heard from the stage. “Stop leaving safe, start living in faith. Your true commitment is an inspiration in action”. Start acting accordingly. Don’t wait for somebody or something to bring results to you. Instead, ask yourself, “What results do I have to create to get what I want?”

Think Globally, Act Locally - Bradford Richardson, President, Shaklee International

Bradford Richardson, Shaklee International

Out of this thought I say that what I want is for each and every one of you to unite in better natural health and open up to ways of making your financial freedom happen. And it doesn’t matter what part of the world we live in. It’s global. Whatever country we go to, there are always people who have been praying for health and jobs. Global health of the planet; global health of its habitats. What can be better than helping others to get an extra $500 a month,  a new Lexus, a trip to Mayan Riviera while creating a healthy world. And we all know, if you help enough people to get what THEY want, you get what YOU want. And this is my commitment. What’s yours?
Think Big, Think High






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