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Laws in 17 States Limit Phosphates in Automatic Dishwasher Cleaning Agents

Laws in 17 States Limit Phosphates in Automatic Dishwasher Cleaning Agents

Shaklee Difference™

When Shaklee first launched our patented, phosphate-free Basic-D® in 1991, we were way ahead of trend in making available a high performing phosphate-free automatic dishwash concentrate. It wasn’t until 1994 that phosphates in laundry detergents were restricted nationwide, but until recently, automatic dishwasher detergent manufacturers could include phosphates without concern for environmental regulations prohibiting or limiting the use of phosphates. There simply weren’t any.

Well, that time appears to be coming to an end. As of this year, 17 states have enacted laws regarding phosphates in automatic dishwasher cleaners, 15 of them in 2010 alone.

Why the concern about phosphates?

Phosphates in bodies of fresh water like lakes, streams, rivers, and creeks, act as a nutrient to organisms like algae, encouraging their growth to an extent that they can harm or threaten plant and fish life.

Shaklee Dish washNow is a great time to assure your consumers and prospects that Shaklee Get Clean® products do not contain phosphates, and never will. And for those who are concerned about performance, Shaklee Get Clean Automatic Dish Wash Concentrate is a patented, highly concentrated, phosphate-free automatic dishwash cleanser, backed by the 100% Shaklee Satisfaction Guarantee, and selected as a 2008 recipient of the PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved) seal of approval. Its enzyme-activated formula removes tough stains without
prerinsing, dissolving quickly and completely, without residue.

Here are the 17 states in which phosphates in dishwash detergents are now regulated. Is your state one of them?

Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, Vermont, Virginia

And even if your state isn’t among these, shouldn’t everyone you know be using a phosphate-free dishwash concentrate?

“Shaklee Get Clean Fest” (Get Clean Testimony)

Shaklee Get CLean Starter Kit

Shaklee Get CLean Starter Kit

“We are in super cleaning mode this weekend and just had ourselves a Shaklee Get Clean fest! Lots of fun mixing together the items in our kit and getting our house clean with non-toxic safe products!! (It also doesn’t hurt that the packaging is pretty – I’m a sucker for that stuff!) Thank you Nadya Nemova Tatsch for supplying us with Get Clean!

Jennifer Jurek, 
Professional photographer



Jude & Jack Peskuski,
Shaklee top top achievers

In the last year the Earth has taken major hits, i.e., the gulf oil spill, and the ongoing nuclear  disaster in Japan.   Whole sections of the environment are assaulted, giving most of us pause to focus on the cost to our planet.

Unfortunately, big disasters put the responsibility on someone else.  Never mind the fact that we use the oil, or the electricity, and expect it will be available whenever we want it.  But even that misses a bigger point.

The biggest source of all pollution is still collective consumer waste, not big industries.   Look around you – all the millions of homes, all the apartment complexes, condos, high-rise residence buildings – tons of chemical waste, tons of medicines eliminated, tons of pesticides, tons of insecticides, tons of garbage, etc.  The collective toxic waste is many times the gulf oil spill – and it happens every year!

Why not make this year your year to take a stand for your household.  You will still do your laundry, wash your dishes and clean your home, but do it without toxic chemicals.

Shaklee ‘Get Clean’ products are better for your health, better for your home, better for the environment, out-perform the leading brands and are more economical!

Why isn’t everyone using them?

We did not inherit the Earth from our parents,… we borrow it from our children’s children

Jude & Jack Peskuski,
Shaklee top top achievers

Domestic Engineers Residencial Cleaning – Welcome to Shaklee

Welcome Domestic Engineers (residential cleaning) to the Shaklee family. Thank u for providing healthier households by using non toxic biodegradable ultra concentrated cleaners.

Shaklee Get Clean Non Toxic Cleaning Products – Shaklee Independent Distributor East Plano Texas Parker Murphy (video belongs to the Shaklee Corp.)

If you know families with kids with allergies, consider using Domestic Engineers.

The Natural Power - Shaklee Independent Distributor


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