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The Telomere Effect – A Revolutionary Approach to Living Younger, Healthier, Longer


telomere_brochure (1) by Nobel Prize Winner, Elizabeth Blackburn, PhD and Elissa Epel, PhD

Why Shaklee and What’s Possible?

Dear Guest! We (the Possibility Team in Shaklee, Dallas, TX) are so delighted to share the gift of health with you!

“We are products of nature and our very existence depends upon other products of nature.” – Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee

That is why Dr. Shaklee created natural products over 100 years ago. So we can live healthier longer.

Step 1. Watch the 30-day challenge video. We invite you to take a 30-day challenge to Shakleeize and feel difference. And if you don’t, we give you money back.

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Step 3. Fill the Forms. Once you commit to take a 30-day challenge, fill in the Form

Learn and science, difference, and why. Along the way, we highly encourage you to learn why Shaklee and the science behind the products.

Step 4. Order. or 1-800-SHAKLEE

Step 5. Use products as recommended for 30-days.

Step 6. 30-days later, feel the difference and share your testimony. If you don’t feel the difference, get your money back. If you feel the difference, do it again by setting up an autoship that you can adjust and alternate every month.

Welcome to a healthy long life!

Antibiotics and Arrhythmia

Thank you, Jude Peskuski, for sharing

Posted on WEDNESDAY, March 13, 2013

Patients who take the antibiotic azithromycin, commonly known as Zithromax or Z-Pak, and have certain risk-factors may face life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias, the Food and Drug Administration warned Tuesday.

Patients with the preexisting conditions bradycardia, which is an abnormally slow heartbeat, QT prolongation, a condition that raises the risk for a specific
type of irregular heartbeat, or with low blood levels of magnesium or potassium are at risk for the life-threatening arrhythmias, according to the FDA.

The FDA urged doctors to consider the arrythmia risk before prescribing the common antibiotic, and modified the language used to label the drug.

The warning comes after review of data published in the New England Journal of Medicine in May. Researchers at Vanderbilt University found that patients
with the risk factors cited in the FDA warning who took azithromycin were at an increased risk of death.

“The study reported an increase in cardiovascular deaths, and in the risk of death from any cause, in persons treated with a 5-day course of azithromycin compared to persons treated with amoxicillin, ciprofloxacin, or no drug,” the FDA said in a statement.

The FDA had promised to review the results, and on Tuesday, urged doctors to “consider the risk of fatal heart rhythms with azithromycin when considering treatment options for patients who are already at risk for cardiovascular events,” according to MedPage Today.

The FDA stressed, however, that the risk appears to be small. Nevertheless, they updated the Zithromax label to reflect the drug’s potential to cause life-threatening arrhythmia. They also warned that other drugs in azithromycin’s class of macrolide drugs and non-macrolides such as fluoroquinolones can also cause the fatal arrhythmias

Gregg Fonarow, MD, director of the Ahmanson-UCLA Cardiomyopathy Center told HealthDay that doctors need to look out for signs of arrhythmia in patients with these conditions who are taking azithromycin.

“It is important for doctors to be fully aware of the potential risk of fatal heart
rhythms that can result from the administration of certain medications,” he
said, “particularly in patients with certain risk factors.”

Thank you, Jude Peskuski, for sharing

Phthalates in Every-Day-Life Products: Safe or Not

I have known the fact of how dangerous phthalates are for quite a while. Watching it on the news today shook my peace, and I felt urgent to share facts about phthalates with you.” Nadya Tatsch

Phthalates are substances added to plastics to increase their flexibility, transparency, durability, and longevity.

phthalates in products

Phthalates are found in
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Good News Doesn’t Always Make the Headlines

Dr. Jamie McManus MD
"I’d like to take a few moments of your time to provide some perspective on recent media attention to supplementation. It can be challenging to know what to trust, and we urge you to critically read articles about health and vitamins before assuming their validity - just as you would for any other reports from the Internet, a newspaper or the evening news.

Each year, hundreds of positive studies about nutrients and supplementation are published, the vast majority of which never make the news. Some examples of recently published clinical studies that have shown positive health outcomes include:

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Substance in Red Wine Shows Promise in First Human Study

Thanks Dan & Lorri for sending this article on. Posted at 12:00 PM ET, 11/01/2011 

By Rob Stein

resveratrol and benefits Study Points: Resveratrol red wine (so as Shaklee anti-aging tonic Vivix) has a variety of fundamental beneficial effects on subjects' metabolism.

  • Longevity,
  • protect from obesity and diabetes,
  • boost of physical endurance,
  • reduce blood sugar,
  • reduce blood pressure,
  • reduce triglycerides,
  • reduce inflammation,
  • boost the efficiency of muscles.

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Why Vitamins? What Vitamins?

by Nadya Tatsch, Shaklee Independent Distributor
published on September 22, 2011 in Health & Fitness section D6
of Murphy Monitor, The Sachse News, and The Wylie News local newspapers
(edited from the original)
If you are one of the nine out of 10 Americans who don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables, are stressed out, and don’t sleep well, you need to supplement your diet. We are talking about prevention and long-term health. But the important question is “how do you feel today?” Your answer shouldn’t be less than fantastic. The important question is, how do you feel today? If your answer is less than fantastic, than the questions you must ask are: What vitamins? and Which vitamins?
There are three types of vitamins available.
The Natural Power - Shaklee Independent Distributor


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