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My Biography – Updated in 2018

Nadya Tatsch, Health and Life Coach

Updated in 2018

By the divine Universe, I am guided to my purpose with Curiosity, Creativity, and Courage. I help people to be healthier so they can make a difference in the world.

I was born in Russia, Saint-Petersburg. Graduated with Bachelors in Education and Masters in Psychology, and worked with special needs children.

I moved to the United States in 2003 and soon got married and we had two beautiful daughters.

As a new mom, I would spend most all my attention and energy on raising children and caring for my family. With that said, I neglected my own health, and, as a result, my immune system was weak, and I would get regular colds (about 7 days out of a month, I would spend sick in bed). Eventually, I started looking for natural means to restore my health. Being from Europe, I knew that honey and garlic would work. (smile)

My husband suggested for me to try Shaklee natural products that his sister had used for almost 20 years. A reliable referral source (my husband) and the longevity (20 years) caught my attention. I said Yes! I listened to the video and bought a package.  It was a business package, but I was interested in the products and the package delivered them. Eventually, I restored my health and gained extra energy! I moved to testing other products and totally loved the result. My home got chemical-free. My daughter stopped having ear infections. My husband lost 40 lbs. Since 2009, I have been using Shaklee products for my daily needs. I am in the best shape of my life and feel best!

Today, Shaklee is not only a part of my daily life but also my business ( I want to make a difference for others and can’t stop sharing. Shaklee is #1 natural company (since 1915) and provides beyond organic quality products for your wellness (natural supplementation, healthy weight, chemical-free homes, anti-aging skin, sports nutrition, kids, and more) ( Instead of spending the same monthly budget in Walmart, you redirect your spending by purchasing from Shaklee, sharing with others, and receiving your monthly bonus check. Pays for the products, great tax deduction, perks of car payments, luxurious trips together with flexible hours and work schedule on your terms.

I currently invite team mates, who will train and coach with me to own their successful Shaklee business.

Working with people and helping them feel better with Shaklee products (since 2009), I realized my passion was in life style coaching. It’s every day choices that make a difference in your big health goals. In 2017, I established my health coaching practice ( I approach my coaching from the view of health as a puzzle; each piece is important and every little change leads to success. My clients and I also work deeply on the aspect of Why. When you know your deep why, the small every day actions become a road map rather than obstacles.

The services I offer in my health and life coaching practice are a 1-on-1 coaching, group programs, and a participation in a FREE closed Facebook group “Friends in Health” (

My vision for the future is to be a part of the large team of extraordinary individuals, who with one kindness at a time, create the ripple effect towards the better world.

Thank you for reading my biography. And If something speaks to you, send me a comment. I am glad to hear from you.

To your wellness and prosperity,

Nadya Tatsch

(972) 489-7449

Love Your Life Party – Live Younger Longer (11/04/2017)

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Happy Holidays, 2015-16!

Gratitude, Love, Peace, and Happiness from the Tatsch Family!

Dear Friends, this is the perfect time to re-evaluate your health and your goals towards healthy life style.

Customers, we express our deep gratitude for keeping health possibility alive and using Shaklee as a part of your life style! 

If you are not a Shaklee user yet, we invite you to give Shaklee a try! Whether you have tried other products or not, whether they worked out or not, today is a new day! You have nothing to lose but unhealthy life.

Shaklee has been offering natural solutions for over 100 years for healthy nutrition, healthy weight, healthy homes, healthy beauty, healthy children, healthy aging, allergies, and more. If you are not satisfied, Shaklee has 100% money back guarantee.

TheNaturalPower is here to assist you. Start HERE >

Friends, whether you have started a while ago or you are starting today, Enjoy the Ride to a Healthy Life!

Happy Holidays! / Счастливого Нового Года и Рождества! (rus.)


Members Appreciation and Dinner Social – May 30th, 5:30-7:30pm (as part of Annual Open House)


It’s time for The Natural Power Annual Open House, BUT this year TheNaturalPower invites all members, distributors, and guests to a dinner social!

Please come on time. We will have a program.

RSVP: text 972.489.7449, e-mail, Facebook

 Shaklee Members Appreciation Dinner and Social - May 2015 in North Dallas

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I Took My Shape to a New Direction (Health Letter – January 2013)

Take Your Shape to a New Direction!

The slogan for new Shaklee weight management program: 180!

Shaklee is right!

I and 180!

Since I joined the company, I realized how transformative my life has been. I took the step to a healthy life and stay committed to it. With Shaklee I have recovered from being sick one week out of a month to a totally vital and energized woman. With Shaklee I restored my kids’ health. With Shaklee we went green in our household. We do not except chemicals in our lives! With Shaklee I took my shape to a new direction.

I’d like to share a few facts that played a big role in transformation of my life.

Fact 1
People say, it’s easy for you because you do not have fat, you have nothing to lose.:-) Well, in fact, it IS easy to lose fat than gain muscle. But I committed to build my body away and stuck with it.

Fact 2
Muscle mass burns 75% of calories. So start working on building your muscle than dieting! Go to gym and do not deprive yourself from a good food. Good I mean healthy. 🙂

Fact 3
Eat often. Eat at least 5 times a day but small and healthy portions. Your body is able to digest all, utilize all, and not to store anything unwanted. An apple a day keeps a doctor away! Nuts, bananas, 180 snack bars and crisps – easy!!!

Fact 4
Building your muscle builds your metabolism. I now pronounce myself a totally healthy person! The flu around does affect me once a while but I recover so much faster and easier. When I work out, I use protein energized smoothies and Physic.

Fact 5
Healthy body = healthy emotions. It is unbelievable how health of my body is connected with feeling happy!! Try it and you will see it!

As Nike says, Just Do It!

I am inviting you and your friends to share a gift of health: February 2nd (Saturday) at 10am in West Plano (TX) for 180 sampling party and February 7th (Thursday) at 7pm in Richardson (TX) for North Texas Shaklee Association to learn more about us. For more info, call me 972.489.7449 or my partner Debbie 972.578.0317

Cyber Monday Special (November 26, 2012)

Cyber MOnday TheNaturalPower special 10%off

Cyber Monday: 10% off. To redeem contact or (972) 489-7449

Free Shipping for the Holidays Now Through November 18, 2012

Hazardous Chemicals in Homes

Hazardous Chemicals in the Home

Natural Alternatives

Alternatives to Common Household Chemicals based on information from Natural Health Magazine

The Natural Power’s Choice: Shaklee Get Clean



Healthy Nutrition, Healthy Weight, Healthy Home, Healthy Beauty

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Building blocks, anti-aging, antioxidants, digestive, heart, bone, stress, mind, mood, children, immune, men, women
Healthy Weight. Break yo-yo dieting effect. Burn fat by loosing fat and keeping your muscle.
Meal shakes, meal bars, energy teas, and more
Healthy Home. Natural, ultra concentrated, easy to use. Safe for your planet, save for your wallet.
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Healthy Beauty. 7-potented nutrition therapy skin care system: a combination of 7 nutrients and botanicals designed to block and reverse aging signs.
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The Natural Power operates from East Plano Texas zip 75094.

The Natural Power - Shaklee Independent Distributor


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