Gale Leigeber: Holistic Healthcare Needs (in Dallas, 2012)

AHB-logo-newFeel great EVERYDAY.
Achieve A Healthy Balance through
Nutrition and Homeopathy!
A Healthy Balance. Holistic health. Classical Homeopathy and Nutrition.
Synergistic solutions to many health concerns where other options have not achieved results.
Timely scientific Clinical Nutrition with the best dietary advice, finest supplements, and 200 year old Classical Homeopathy combine to provide truly awesome, life-changing, anti-aging healing experiences.
Visit Gale Leigeber (Who is Gale Leigeber?) to understand how she can help you in your healing journey: A Healthy Balance.

  • Do you feel good things in life are passing you by because you are too stressed or too tired?
  • Do you need to lose weight?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping?
  • Have you been suffering an illness traditional medicine hasn’t been able to solve?
  • Do you have trouble concentrating and getting things done?
  • Do you feel like you are a victim of circumstances?
  • Would you like to find health solutions based in nature?

A Healthy Balance provides YOUR PERSONALIZED solution to well-being.
Health solutions discussed on this site integrate the therapies of Nutrition, Classical Homeopathy and Dietetics. Gale Leigeber/A Healthy Balance is uniquely qualified to provide recommendations in all three of these areas. This helps you quickly discover the solutions that best work for your current situation.
Health and vitality are the greatest blessing; active people enjoy more of what life and loved ones offer. Discover the unique benefits of individualized holistic health approaches of TUNING YOUR LIFE FORCE as well as NOURISHING YOUR BODY to achieve your OWN personal healthy balance.
Gale Leigeber has spent a lifetime exploring different healing modalities and after analyzing results decided to pursue expertise in both Integrative Nutrition and Classical Homeopathy. She has been called a true healer by many clients.
Gale / A Healthy Balance conducts assessments, addresses your dietary habits and needs for specific dietary and nutritional supplements and/or recommends homeopathic remedies which aid your body and improve your life. She has sought the finest methods available to do so. We have at our fingertips the best and most comprehensive state-of-the art holistic health information and all natural healing solutions you need to achieve well-being and feel healthier! All in an effort to help you strike A Healthy Balance.
Take control of your body
Only you can be fully responsible for your health condition and outlook on life. Many individuals who become educated in natural therapies and then take proactive steps to better health realize they are the stewards of maintaining a vibrant life. And feeling in control does wonders in creating a positive mental attitude.
What will she do at your visit?
Dates Available:
  • February 26¬† through¬† February 29 (in Edmond)
  • April 23 through April 30
  • July 23 through July 31
  • October 22 through October 31
  • January 2 through January 9, 2013
This would include some days in OKC.
Let me know if you you’d like a visit and what date so we can schedule. 972-489-7449 Nadya Tatsch

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