Healthy Heart – Healthy Living (NTSA, February 9, 2012)
February is Heart Month.
Les Wong will be joining us to introduce Shaklee’s new CoQHeart product and share updates on research studies.
Les Wong, Vice President of Health Sciences for Shaklee Corporation
Les Wong, Vice President of Health Sciences for Shaklee Corporation
His Health Sciences Team is charged with establishing and safeguarding the scientic credibility of Shaklee Health related products and programs, and supporting the research, development, and marketing of Shaklee health and wellness products.
Les is responsible for assessment of the scientic literature on emerging health and nutrition issues, substantiation of Shaklee health and product claims, development of scientic communications to the eld, management of Shaklee’s clinical research programs, and consulting with world class athletes. Les is deeply committed to the highest standards of scientic integrity and is proud to be a long-term member of the Shaklee scientic team.
Shaping Up in the New Year
One month into the 2012 how is your weight loss plan working? Cinch is making a difference in the lives of people all across the country. Les will provide insights into developing an effective Cinch plan and how you can help others achieve their weight loss goals.
Les Wong and NadyaTatsch (The Natural Power, Shaklee Ind Distributor)Science to Build On…Why Shaklee?
Discover the opportunities that lie ahead when you start a Shaklee business. You can live life to the fullest by earning more money, driving a cool car, traveling to exotic locations, and improving the health and well-being of your friends and family. We call it The Dream Plan, but the opportunity isn’t just a dream — it’s real.

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