“I Do Not Believe in Vaccinations” (Shaklee Short Stories)

Reaction to Pneumonia Vaccine. Compromised immune system (Rheumatoid Arthritis)

Mary Sue. Thanks to the leader friend Gretchen for sharing.

“I do not believe in vaccinations…….So, why did I on January 7, 2011 get a pneumonia shot?  Because years ago (Before Shaklee) I got one since for several years in a row I had pneumonia frequently.  I did not have a problem.  So when my doctor and I met in January for my physical, I said OK to the pneumonia vaccine.  Pneumonia is hard at any age but when you are in your 80’s, it is not a fun disease to have.

Result:  I woke up on Saturday morning and was in p-a-i-n from fingertips, wrists, arms and across my shoulders.  The only way I can explain it, my muscles felt as though someone had shredded them and then poured alcohol on them.  I spent the better part of the following week in my nightgown since I could not raise my arms because the pain was so bad.  In fact I spent the first three months screaming every time I moved – even pulling up the sheets hurt.  Thank God for Cinch drinks (I live alone and have no one to help me). 

When I spoke with my doctor, she said I probably had picked up a virus.  No way, Jose.  This was like no other illness I have ever had.

I called Merck Pharmaceutical (maker of the vaccine) and was told that they had had trouble with this vaccine.  Also said they would send me a form to fill out.  They still have not sent it.

I called the FDA and was told, yes we have had a lot of complaints about that particular vaccine and proceeded to ask many questions (I was on the phone with the representative for almost l/2 hour)  She did  ask me if I had any tingling in my hands/arms/shoulders.  I said no. and she said I was fortunate since the people who did have tingling were paralyzed!

Here it is October 7 and I still am suffering, although not as much as earlier in the year.  Most of the pain is from my elbows to shoulders, or from shoulder to shoulder.  Once in a while, my hands hurt (pain woke me up this morning)      

My doctor wanted to put me on steroids for the pain, which, of course, I refused.  I only trust Shaklee products.

I had an opportunity to ask Dr. Frank Painter (Health Quest newsletter) if he had any suggestions.  He said the only thing he could suggest would be to double my Vivix intake.  Which I did and – it has helped.

At this point in time I do not know whether or not I will ever be free of this pain.

Many people my age keep asking me when I am going to get my flu shot and/or shingles vaccine.

You can imagine my answer to that – I am not the brightest person on the planet but you can bet your life I AM NOT DUMB ENOUGH TO TAKE ANOTHER VACCINE!!!”

Mary Sue. Thanks to the leader friend Gretchen for sharing.

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