Natural Healing for Tendonitis/Tennis Elbow (Shaklee Short Story and Health Letter – March 2013)


On a health note, I’d love to share this fabulous story with you. Edited from the original.

Provided by Jude Peskuski

Thanks to Tim & Karen Sandifer for passing on this pain relieving story!  Please pass on to give hope to those in pain!  The side benefit of Tim’s supplementation is a better immune system, better skin, maybe better
eyesight and improved heart health.  What a smart investment!


elbow pain shaklee reliefI probably hurt my elbow years ago, but once I started working out with a personal trainer last year, I was in unbelievable pain.

He wanted me to keep working it!  But it needed RICE (Rest Ice Compression and Elevate). I put a compress around it, and took fish oil one day which caused me to burp fish, and then finally I just got a steroid shot so I could go deep sea fishing.

My wife told me she had seen a survey completed by an Orthopedic Surgeon -385 of patients who took a steroid shot and about 88% said they would NEVER take a steroid shot again.

They claimed the shot only

  • delayed the healing
  • damaged the area more in some cases
  • and the pain was often worse when it came back.

After the steroid shot, I later heard that thousands of people got meningitis from tainted steroid shots taken in July and August…. the same time frame when I and a family member took the shot!  About 200 died and thousands were got very sick.  So my wife worried about this for a while! The doctor assured us he didn’t have the tainted steroids in his office.

The pain did not re-occur till now and it was unbearable. I put my arm in a sling as the pain was now shooting up to my shoulder joint. I was unable to move my 2 middle fingers and the pain was so intense, I couldn’t even think or move – I just sat in my chair and just tried to breathe.

I agreed to start the fish oil and antioxidant remedy my wife found on the internet.

{It’s true if it’s on the internet according to the blonde on TV!}

Norway Olympic Rowing Team can get Tennis Elbow/Tendonitis anywhere in their body where there are tendons and
joints. Also Dr. Chaney, a PhD who oversees an Active Cancer Research Program for 38+ years at Chappell Hill North Carolina and teaches nutrition to medical students… had tennis elbow from playing tennis.

Both used fish oil and antioxidants.

Olympians can’t even use steroid creams otherwise they would be eliminated from the competition. Dr. Chaney
claimed the pain went away in 3-4 days and never came back.

So I agreed to try this home remedy: 8 fish oil capsules a day plus antioxidants and Alfalfa all from Shaklee.

My wife keeps us stocked with Shaklee’s brand of supplements, which pharmacists and scientists claim these products are 50-300% more effective than anything available today.  This is due to the products being all natural, all organic and the
special way the food and raw material are processed.

Shaklee is so effective; the products are used by US Astronauts since 1993, US Olympians for 30+ years, and all Time Life World Class Explorers since 1956.

Well, it worked. No side effects, no deaths, no damage. I only had a burp or two during this treatment.

I will keep taking for the rest of the month till it heals completely.

Each day it got better and by the 2nd day I wasn’t even using the sling for my arm and the 3rd day, complete relief – I could raise my arm above my head!

So, go all natural and organic!

You are worth it!

This Doubting Thomas proved it works.

Tim Sandifer.  He used a normal dose of Flavomax and Cartomax (and Vivix). During the first painful days…
he took 10 alfalfa and 8-12 omega-guard plus the same amount below of the other stuff.

Now he is taking:

Warm Regards

Provided by Jude Peskuski




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