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Happy Holidays, 2015-16!

Gratitude, Love, Peace, and Happiness from the Tatsch Family!

Dear Friends, this is the perfect time to re-evaluate your health and your goals towards healthy life style.

Customers, we express our deep gratitude for keeping health possibility alive and using Shaklee as a part of your life style! 

If you are not a Shaklee user yet, we invite you to give Shaklee a try! Whether you have tried other products or not, whether they worked out or not, today is a new day! You have nothing to lose but unhealthy life.

Shaklee has been offering natural solutions for over 100 years for healthy nutrition, healthy weight, healthy homes, healthy beauty, healthy children, healthy aging, allergies, and more. If you are not satisfied, Shaklee has 100% money back guarantee.

TheNaturalPower is here to assist you. Start HERE >

Friends, whether you have started a while ago or you are starting today, Enjoy the Ride to a Healthy Life!

Happy Holidays! / Счастливого Нового Года и Рождества! (rus.)


Seminar by Dr. Brouse for North Texas Shaklee Association (September 19th, 2015)

NTSA September 19th, 2015

General Wellness and My Personal Recipe



Friends, I have been often asked how I stay healthy and my personal usage of Shaklee products.

Today, I am sharing with you what Shaklee products I use on daily basis to keep my daily nutritional intake up to 100%, energy to the top, immune system up and running, and to help reduce stress. Flavors are my personal preference. There are plenty to choose from.


This recipe is for general use. If you have individual targeted needs, I recommend additional Shaklee supplements.

Friends, if you take these products on daily basis, you are covered, your health is on top of the game, and you are effective in life.

 Give your body a chance to be powered by the natural power! Go to

Please do not hesitate to call me, if you want to order or have questions 972.489.7449.

Members Appreciation and Dinner Social – May 30th, 5:30-7:30pm (as part of Annual Open House)


It’s time for The Natural Power Annual Open House, BUT this year TheNaturalPower invites all members, distributors, and guests to a dinner social!

Please come on time. We will have a program.

RSVP: text 972.489.7449, e-mail, Facebook

 Shaklee Members Appreciation Dinner and Social - May 2015 in North Dallas

Printer Friendly Invite >

Allergy Season and My Personal Recipe

Mother's Health

Friends, I have been often asked about how I stay healthy and my personal usage of Shaklee products on daily basis.
This season, friends, makes us all sneezy and pretty miserable. To be effective in life, our health got to be on top on the game. With that said, let me share what I do in my daily regimen.

The products below take care of the issue in case of: prevention, just start feeling it, gotta get rid of it.

Nutriferon Watch video >
Vita C

For prevention I take as little as 2 Nutriferon a day. In a bad allergy season (whether you start feeling it or just too much around going on), add 3 Alfalfa, 1 Garlic, and 1 Vita C. The sicker you are, the more you need.

Friends, if you take this on daily basis, you got a great chance to be covered, your health is on top of the game, and you are effective in life.

Please do not hesitate to call me, if you have questions 972.489.7449.
To give your health a chance, go to

Vitalized Immunity – Refreshing Immune Support

Shaklee Vitalized Immunity

Refreshing immune support

Vitalized Immunity is a delicious and refreshing way to help support your immune system. Sweented naturally with Monk Fruit, it’s a more natural alternative than other leading brands! Vitalized Immunity contains as much vitamin-C as 16 oranges, plus our proprietary blend of 19 vitamins, minerals, and herbs. It’s ideal for everyday immune support, or for times when you’re facing stress, pollution, poor nutrition or busy schedules.

  • Helps support your immune system
  • As much vitamin C as 16 oranges!
  • Delicious, effervescent formula
  • Sweetened naturally with Monk Fruit

On YouTube:

#22073 | 15 tablets/15 servings
Suggested Retail Price: $26.10
Member Price: $22.20
Point Value: 16.50

With Deep Gratitude & Warm Wishes this Holidays Season! (December 24, 2014)


Happy Holidays! Be Merry! Be Happy!
Be thankful for the earth and nature!
For the life you are given! For the power you have!
For the chance to start a new day!
For the opportunity not to be the same as yesterday!
For the choice to starts a new life! For new you every day!
Let the spirit of the season empower you
to achieve what matters and important!
Keep it! Grow it! All year long! So when you look back at your accomplishments, you are proud!
With Deep Gratitude & Warm Wishes this Holidays Season!
С Новым Годом, Ханукой и Рождеством! (rus.)
Nadya Tatsch, 2014

NTSA – Dr. Chaney – Children’s Health, Diabetes, Heart Health (June 14, 2014)

North Texas Shaklee Association presents:

Dr. Steve Chaney, PhD
Shaklee Master Co-ordinator

The topics Dr. Chaney will discuss are as follows:

The Shaklee Difference
Children’s Health
Heart Disease

Meeting date: Saturday, June 14, 2014

Meeting time: 9:00 a. m. to 12:30 p. m.

Location: Hilton Garden Hotel;
1001 W. George Bush Fwy.
(south on feeder road between Independence and Custer).
Hotel is on the west side of George Bush Fwy.

Cost: $25.00 non NTSA members before May 31 – $30.00 after that date

$20.00/NTSA members before May 31 – $25.00 after that date

“Limited seating so please make your reservations early to insure admittance.”

Please make checks payable to NTSA and mail to:

North Texas Shaklee Association
C/O Mary Ann Pahmeier
3207 East University Blvd. Be sure to say Blvd.)
Dallas, TX 75214-2139

We have gotten a special room rate of $89.00 per night for either king or double queen size beds. This includes breakfast; however, this special is only good through May 31. The phone number is (972) 792-9393. Use ” Shaklee” for special rate. When making reservations by email, please use the code NTS.

3rd Annual The Natural Power Open House (May 18, 2014)

Online event (Facebook):

Make it Stick in 2014! (January, 2014)

92% of resolutions fail. Be the other 8% and Make it Stick with Shaklee 180®!

Make it Stick
A great way to talk to people about weight loss is through asking about and listening to their goals. To support you and others in your 2014 goals, we’ve got great tools to help you stay on track and motivated to succeed, rewards to celebrate your hard work, and the products and program to help you reach your goals.

This year, make your New Year’s resolution stick and help others to do the same by following the four #MakeitStick tips:
1. Make your resolution known.
2. Stay accountable.
3. Reward yourself.
4. Find a program, not just products.

Make it Stick Facebook Contest
One way to take the first step and make your resolution known is by sharing it on social media. So, to encourage you to spread the word, we’ve created the Make it Stick Facebook Contest, running from December 26 – January 26!

Share your healthy lifestyle New Year’s resolution and you could win a Shaklee 180® Kit and an iPhone 5s!

Seven people will win a Shaklee 180® Kit (Turnaround® or Lean & Healthy) and a new iPhone 5s so that you will have all the tools at your fingertips that you need to help you succeed.

Here’s how to enter:

Go to the Shaklee 180® Facebook page and click on the Photo Contest tab on the homepage.

Write your healthy lifestyle resolution on a Post-It note. Take a photo of it and upload to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with #MakeitStick.

(If you enter via Instagram or Twitter, make sure you verify your entry with the provided link that will generate.)
1.Share! You want the most votes for your photo in order to win, so share it with your friends! Each person can vote once a day, so put your family and friends to work!
2.Vote! Check out the other #MakeitStick entries and vote for your favorite.

This year, you can #MakeitStick! We believe in you.

All winners will be announced on February 1, 2014.

Keep the conversation going on social media by using #MakeitStick

Four Tips to Make It Stick:
1.Make your resolution known.
2.Stay accountable.
3.Reward yourself.
4.Find a program, not just products.

Visit the Make it Stick article to learn more.

Posted on: 12/27/13