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This page is designed to share information that has been helpful to us and our Members. Whether you are here about a specific subject or in general (Step #1 Shaklee Effect Video Program OR YouTube Program via e-mail, Step #2 BetterHealthIn31Days Video Program), we know that every positive change you make in your life will make a difference.

Step #1 Shaklee Effect Video Program

(to choose one e-mail a day of the YouTube Program, please email

There are 6 video sections (approximate viewing time is 45 minutes). Listen to all videos in each section. Write at least 3 comments about each section. Email Verification Form back to your Shaklee sponsor/distributor. Complete the program within 14 days.

With your next order you will receive one of the products of your choice (Fall 2015 Special):

Vita-Lea multi vitamins 120 (2 month supply) ($27.10)

Vitalized Immunity ($26.10) video >

Enfuselle Shower Gel ($17.95)

Refer someone to complete the program and receive more free products.

You will find value in every video…think also of people you care about..and remember…one small change could create the SHAKLEE EFFECT in your life.

Section #1: The Shaklee Difference

The Shaklee Effect (2:07)


Roger Barnett -Shaklee Effect (3:54)


The Shaklee Difference (7:00)

Ashley’s Shaklee Effect (2:39)



 Section #2: Shaklee Nutrition Products

Shaklee Life Plan (2:47)


Allyson’s Vitalizer/Life Plan Shaklee Effect (1:48)

Vivix (Resveratrol) 4:02

Nancy’s Vivix Shaklee Effect (1:40)


Section #3: Shaklee Nutrition Therapy for your Skin

Enfuselle Nutrition Therapy for Your Skin (2:33)


                6 weeks usage or Enfuselle

Section #4: Shaklee Get Clean Products

Get Clean (2:33)


Ellie’s Shaklee Effect (2:28)


Section #5: Shaklee 180 Products

 Shaklee 180 (1:28)


Jacqui’s 180 Shaklee Effect (3:28)


Section #6: Shaklee Opportunity

ShakleeOpportunity Effect (2:02)


3 Ways to Participate (2:31)



Jen’s Shaklee Effect (2:37)


The Shaklee Effect


What will your Shaklee Effect be?

 Thanks for watching and be sure to give your sponsor Verification Form and then enjoy the free product credit.

Step #2 BetterHealthIn31Days Video Program allows you learn about targeted solutions and earn $5 product credit per video. Contact me for more details.

Thanks so much and have an AMAZING Shaklee day!

Nadya Tatsch 972-489-7449


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