(as a part of theMember Learn & Earn Free Products Program”)

Watching videos on the Better Health In 31 Days” web site allows you learn about targeted solutions and earn $5 product credit per video. Each video is in the range from 30 min to 1 hour and its topic education and product orientation.

On the page under each video, you will see an evaluation form. Fill your comments about the video.

Submit within 2 weeks from the first watched video.

You can watch as many videos as you like. You can continue the program as long as you like. Your products credit will be redeemed within a month of your submission.

Your submissions will be emailed to Jude Peskuski jpeskuski@aol.com and Debbie Rupert touchalife100@yahoo.com,  the leaders of Shaklee Possibility Team (DFW).

To Start, go to Better Health In 31 Days Website

 Enjoy the world of education in health and inspiration!