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My Biography – Updated in 2018

Nadya Tatsch, Health and Life Coach

Updated in 2018

By the divine Universe, I am guided to my purpose with Curiosity, Creativity, and Courage. I help people to be healthier so they can make a difference in the world.

I was born in Russia, Saint-Petersburg. Graduated with Bachelors in Education and Masters in Psychology, and worked with special needs children.

I moved to the United States in 2003 and soon got married and we had two beautiful daughters.

As a new mom, I would spend most all my attention and energy on raising children and caring for my family. With that said, I neglected my own health, and, as a result, my immune system was weak, and I would get regular colds (about 7 days out of a month, I would spend sick in bed). Eventually, I started looking for natural means to restore my health. Being from Europe, I knew that honey and garlic would work. (smile)

My husband suggested for me to try Shaklee natural products that his sister had used for almost 20 years. A reliable referral source (my husband) and the longevity (20 years) caught my attention. I said Yes! I listened to the video and bought a package.  It was a business package, but I was interested in the products and the package delivered them. Eventually, I restored my health and gained extra energy! I moved to testing other products and totally loved the result. My home got chemical-free. My daughter stopped having ear infections. My husband lost 40 lbs. Since 2009, I have been using Shaklee products for my daily needs. I am in the best shape of my life and feel best!

Today, Shaklee is not only a part of my daily life but also my business ( I want to make a difference for others and can’t stop sharing. Shaklee is #1 natural company (since 1915) and provides beyond organic quality products for your wellness (natural supplementation, healthy weight, chemical-free homes, anti-aging skin, sports nutrition, kids, and more) ( Instead of spending the same monthly budget in Walmart, you redirect your spending by purchasing from Shaklee, sharing with others, and receiving your monthly bonus check. Pays for the products, great tax deduction, perks of car payments, luxurious trips together with flexible hours and work schedule on your terms.

I currently invite team mates, who will train and coach with me to own their successful Shaklee business.

Working with people and helping them feel better with Shaklee products (since 2009), I realized my passion was in life style coaching. It’s every day choices that make a difference in your big health goals. In 2017, I established my health coaching practice ( I approach my coaching from the view of health as a puzzle; each piece is important and every little change leads to success. My clients and I also work deeply on the aspect of Why. When you know your deep why, the small every day actions become a road map rather than obstacles.

The services I offer in my health and life coaching practice are a 1-on-1 coaching, group programs, and a participation in a FREE closed Facebook group “Friends in Health” (

My vision for the future is to be a part of the large team of extraordinary individuals, who with one kindness at a time, create the ripple effect towards the better world.

Thank you for reading my biography. And If something speaks to you, send me a comment. I am glad to hear from you.

To your wellness and prosperity,

Nadya Tatsch

(972) 489-7449

My Goal, My Purpose, My Commitment – Global Health

Nadya Tatsch in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

River Neva in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

What incredible challenges of life and extraordinary privileges TIME has gifted me this summer. From seeing my family across the ocean and swimming in the sea full of  love and the commitment of happiness to realization that LIFE is not only vacation and celebration, that life is a work of ongoing achievements to reach the ultimate GOAL that is the PURPOSE of LIFE.
Upon my return (one day later) from Russia, I flew to Washington DC. We usually call this period a jet leg or a time/climate adjustment. Well, I was experiencing a jet-leg of mixed emotions: am I given the LIFE  to live at the place I was born or am I where I am and it doesn’t matter what location as long as my life’s purpose is clear and I am living it.
For the past year I have been living the commitment of improving people’s health. This upcoming year I am opening up to new opportunities. In other words, improving people’s health while them becoming financially free.
CEO Roger Barnett welcoming Shaklee family

Roger Barnett welcoming Shaklee family

On August 10th my Shaklee family welcomed me at the Washington D.C.  5,000 members participated in the annual National Shaklee Convention.  Among them, Roger Barnett (CEO, who I had a privilege to  meet and talk), Bredford Richardson (President, Shaklee International), Dave Fleming (Vice President of Sales  and my neighbor), Mark Keller (U.S. Navy Commander and NASA Shuttle Program Pilot), Aron Ralston (Author of Between a Rock and a Hard Place, the inspiration behind Oscar-nominated film 127 Hours), and the entire home office.  THEY CARE. They are COMMITTED  to others.  They are committed to the health of  PLANET. Real values of the Shaklee family.
After walking on the stage and being recognized for my achievements, I set down for a morning session and prepared to be educated. But instead, the speaker made me think.
One thought: waiting for life versus making life happen. We constantly want others to educate us, wait for a pay check, wait for somebody to tell us what to do. Why do we always wait for LIFE to LIFE us instead of MAKING LIFE happen? When you make life happen, you create the future YOU want.

Another thought: the  purpose of your life becomes the commitment you are living. You are given LIFE. And your LIFE has a PURPOSE, but don’T TRY to find it. “The definition of trying is an attempt to fail”, I heard from the stage. You  already have the purpose. It’s there. Just stop, STOP, sit down, close your eyes, and let it be, let your thoughts come to you, don’t force it. (I talked on this topic in my post “I flew some many miles across the ocean”). Your purpose is always in front of you. Now open your eyes and see it. And at this moment, the purpose of your life becomes the commitment you are living. Sometimes it alters.  And its ok.  “The commitment is your choice”, I heard from the stage. “Stop leaving safe, start living in faith. Your true commitment is an inspiration in action”. Start acting accordingly. Don’t wait for somebody or something to bring results to you. Instead, ask yourself, “What results do I have to create to get what I want?”

Think Globally, Act Locally - Bradford Richardson, President, Shaklee International

Bradford Richardson, Shaklee International

Out of this thought I say that what I want is for each and every one of you to unite in better natural health and open up to ways of making your financial freedom happen. And it doesn’t matter what part of the world we live in. It’s global. Whatever country we go to, there are always people who have been praying for health and jobs. Global health of the planet; global health of its habitats. What can be better than helping others to get an extra $500 a month,  a new Lexus, a trip to Mayan Riviera while creating a healthy world. And we all know, if you help enough people to get what THEY want, you get what YOU want. And this is my commitment. What’s yours?
Think Big, Think High







July 5th

First Flight: Dallas – New York

“You all look like ants”, the faceBook’s suggestion for the check in Up In The Air. I really liked it. I enjoy being a part of the Dallas busy ant house. 🙂 But right now I am experiencing something unusual that almost never happens to me… “I am sitting… STILL. I have nothing to do” . 🙂 In fact, I do have something to do. I am thinking. Well, last Friday at the Impact group, it was said, be still every day for 15 min, and the solution will come to you. Yes, I totally got that!
15 min later, I find myself holding “American Way” magazine (July 1, 2011). I can’t really be still more than 15 min at my own will.:-) I zoom through the magazine pages and the “AGAINST ALL ODDS” article catches my attention. “That’s me”, I said to myself. “That’s what I have been standing and fighting for: partnering in health and prosperity against all odds and reasons.

Here is the highlight:
“THE ARE COUNTLESS REASONS TO REMAIN on the couch and avoid those nagging goals we all have, whether the objective is running two miles before work or making a drastic life change. TOO BUSY? OUT OF SHAPE? Don’t have the right equipment? FEAR OF CHANGE? Well, no matter the excuse, Sean Swarner proves that you can get past it. Way past it, in fact.
Swarner, a two-time cancer survivor, has climbed to the top of the highest peaks on every continent. He has completed the Ironman World Championship triathlon. And he travels the world to serve as a role model and inspiration for cancer patients and survivors.
After having spent years of his life in hospitals, having his body poisoned by chemotherapy and being told twice that he had only weeks to live, Swarner, 36, with only one fully functioning lung, continues to prove that ANY EXCUSE CAN BE OVERCOME.
“I don’t think any challenge is too great”, he says. ” I want people TO CHASE AFTER THEIR OWN DREAMS because of what I have done..”
the entire article was overwhelming inspiration to me. Well, inspirations is never overwhelming but crucial.

A few hours later, we are on the NEXT FLIGHT: New York – Helsinki

Going through the choices of movies I want to find something that I haven’t seen yet:-) oh. “Adjustment Bureau” with Matt Damon. I like the actor for depicting the unstoppable strength a single human being can be. I think I wasn’t dreaming.:-) And the line I liked the most: “All you have is the choices you make.” My interpretation: You can’t blame others for what happens to you. Follow your heart, not the adjustments (people or circumstances) lead you through life. The way your life is your choice.

“Adjustment bureau” was great and I feel like action to go on. I go through the movie choices and a very cute blonde is looking back at me. I already know she is going to fight (she is holding a sword) and I am totally in to find out what for. “Sucker Punch”.
What i got out of it is: If you don’t stand for anything, you will fall for something. Well, you’ve got to watch it but the bottom line is this:
“Who teaches us whats real and how to laugh at life. Who decides why we live and what we die in defense for. Who changes us and who holds the key that sets us free. It’s you. You have all the weapons you need. Now fight.” Wow! Can you see the connection with Sean Swarner’s message on my first flight?





A few hours later, we find ourselves on the last flight: Helsinki – Saint-Petersburg.

There is no TV here and I SIT STILL thinking: When you have a goal/aim/ambition and persistent getting where you want to be, you are moving closer and closer to being better in what you already do good.
well, it has been fun. My flight is over. Thank you for your time to read and connect.
Here you go…. Saint-Petersburg.

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