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Banishing Wheat Belly; The Drawbacks of a Wheat-Dominated Diet

by Lee Walker
September 3, 2012
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A word from me, Nadya Tatsch.
“I know when my nutritionist told me to eliminate wheat and gluten from my diet to achieve a clear skin and I did, it worked.” I knew there were other health
negatives from gluten and wheat and the diet , but THIS! Genetically engineered
monstrosity of wheat in 20 percent of all the calories we consumes (instant soups, salad dressings, candy and granola, ect.). Back in 1970 it was all in natural form and was only found in basic foods such a bread, rolls, cookies and cake.  It causes weight gain, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, addictive eating disorder, and more. Read it and take care of your diet. For your health!” Read the rest of this entry »
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