I Took My Shape to a New Direction (Health Letter – January 2013)

Take Your Shape to a New Direction!

The slogan for new Shaklee weight management program: 180!

Shaklee is right!

I and 180!

Since I joined the company, I realized how transformative my life has been. I took the step to a healthy life and stay committed to it. With Shaklee I have recovered from being sick one week out of a month to a totally vital and energized woman. With Shaklee I restored my kids’ health. With Shaklee we went green in our household. We do not except chemicals in our lives! With Shaklee I took my shape to a new direction.

I’d like to share a few facts that played a big role in transformation of my life.

Fact 1
People say, it’s easy for you because you do not have fat, you have nothing to lose.:-) Well, in fact, it IS easy to lose fat than gain muscle. But I committed to build my body away and stuck with it.

Fact 2
Muscle mass burns 75% of calories. So start working on building your muscle than dieting! Go to gym and do not deprive yourself from a good food. Good I mean healthy. 🙂

Fact 3
Eat often. Eat at least 5 times a day but small and healthy portions. Your body is able to digest all, utilize all, and not to store anything unwanted. An apple a day keeps a doctor away! Nuts, bananas, 180 snack bars and crisps – easy!!!

Fact 4
Building your muscle builds your metabolism. I now pronounce myself a totally healthy person! The flu around does affect me once a while but I recover so much faster and easier. When I work out, I use protein energized smoothies and Physic.

Fact 5
Healthy body = healthy emotions. It is unbelievable how health of my body is connected with feeling happy!! Try it and you will see it!

As Nike says, Just Do It!

I am inviting you and your friends to share a gift of health: February 2nd (Saturday) at 10am in West Plano (TX) for 180 sampling party and February 7th (Thursday) at 7pm in Richardson (TX) for North Texas Shaklee Association to learn more about us. For more info, call me 972.489.7449 or my partner Debbie 972.578.0317

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