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Why Shaklee and What’s Possible?

Dear Guest! We (the Possibility Team in Shaklee, Dallas, TX) are so delighted to share the gift of health with you!

“We are products of nature and our very existence depends upon other products of nature.” – Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee

That is why Dr. Shaklee created natural products over 100 years ago. So we can live healthier longer.

Step 1. Watch the 30-day challenge video. We invite you to take a 30-day challenge to Shakleeize and feel difference. And if you don’t, we give you money back.

Step 2. 15-min Zoom call. Schedule a 15-min web call with us. Call/text 972.489.7449, e-mail

Step 3. Fill the Forms. Once you commit to take a 30-day challenge, fill in the Form

Learn and science, difference, and why. Along the way, we highly encourage you to learn why Shaklee and the science behind the products.

Step 4. Order. or 1-800-SHAKLEE

Step 5. Use products as recommended for 30-days.

Step 6. 30-days later, feel the difference and share your testimony. If you don’t feel the difference, get your money back. If you feel the difference, do it again by setting up an autoship that you can adjust and alternate every month.

Welcome to a healthy long life!

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