Why Vitamins? What Vitamins?
by Nadya Tatsch, Shaklee Independent Distributor
published on September 22, 2011 in Health & Fitness section D6
of Murphy Monitor, The Sachse News, and The Wylie News local newspapers
(edited from the original)
If you are one of the nine out of 10 Americans who don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables, are stressed out, and don’t sleep well, you need to supplement your diet. We are talking about prevention and long-term health. But the important question is “how do you feel today?” Your answer shouldn’t be less than fantastic. The important question is, how do you feel today? If your answer is less than fantastic, than the questions you must ask are: What vitamins? and Which vitamins?
There are three types of vitamins available.


Man-made in laboratories
Plastic Lemons – Synthetic Vitamins (Drug and General Store Quality)


  • Man-made in laboratories.
  • Imitation; therefore, non-organic.
  • Chemically delivered, often petroleum-based.
  • Don’t contain enzymes.
  • Contain artificial colors, sweeteners, and preservatives.
  • Have synthetic coating, which results into poor bio-availability and dissolve-ability. On the picture below, you can see white spots. Those are multiple undissolved pills within the patient’ bowel. (The picture is taken from a chiropractic directory.)
Undissolved pills within bowel
  • May bring immediate result “feel better”, but over the time don’t bring any benefit.
Making synthetic vitamins is an inexpensive process. What you see in the store is an easy-to-make cheap man-made imitation of limited vitamins.
Why waste money on something that doesn’t work or do any good, even more, harms your body?


Extracts of selected nutrients
A Lemon Juice – Crystallized Vitamins (Whole Foods Stores Quality)


  • Extracts of only selected nutrients. Totally imbalanced. For example, you can find cheap-to-make mega doses of B Vitamins, but minuscule doze of Biotin (which is, actually, the most important among B vitamins).
  • Made under a chemical and/or heat extraction process, which dramatically destroys enzymes.
  • Include artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners.
  • “Natural” may only mean 15% natural.
  • Portions are recognizable by body but have to steal co-factors from the body for better absorption.
  • Have synthetic coating, which results into poor dissolve-ability.
  • Work as stimulants and bring just a short-term result.
Crystallized vitamins is a better version from synthetic vitamins, but they are imbalanced and poorly bio-available. Why waste your money on low-level nutrients with little long-term benefit?
Extracts of real foods
Real Lemons – Lyophilized Vitamins (Extracted Whole Food Quality)
  • High quality, pure, organically coursed extracts of row materials.
  • Made under no chemical, but cool process.
  • Have the majority of enzymes active.
  • Don’t include artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives.
  • Highly bio-available.
  • Recognized by the body as “natural”, as “belongs to itself”.
Lyophilized vitamins are highly bio-available and bring long-term benefit. Where can you find them? Generally, from holistic practitioners and individual distributors of direct selling companies such as Shaklee, the #1 natural nutrition company in the U.S.
SMART delivery system in Shaklee multivitamin Vitalizer
Shaklee multivitamin SMART delivery system and video
Shaklee multisupplement Vitalizer is real nutrients that your body is missing in food. Vitalizer is 80-bio-optimized nutrients in the SMART delivery system: right nutrients, right time, right place (pic). Each serving of an easy daily Vita-Strip® provides healthy aging, hearth health, bone and joint health, immune health, brain health and cognition, healthy vision, digestive health, physical energy. Vitalizer is based on 12 clinical studies, as well as the first-ever study done on long-term Shaklee supplement users. Results from this groundbreaking study, published in Nutrition Journal, showed that people who took Shaklee supplements had markedly better health than both single-multivitamin and nonsupplement users. Vitalizer is clinically proven to create a foundation for longer, healthier life. Feel better in 30 days or money back guarantee. Try it now and get a free membership: http://thenaturalpower.myshaklee.com/us/en/vitalizer.s.html .
by Nadya Tatsch, Shaklee Independent Distributor
published on September 22, 2011 in Health & Fitness section D6
of Murphy Monitor, The Sachse News, and The Wylie News local newspapers
(edited from the original)
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