Thank you for your interest in Turn Your Stress into Success Health Coaching!

I am Nadya Tatsch, M.S. in Psychology and Wellness Consultant with 10 years experience.

Are you are one of the people of know someone who wants to lose weight, be stress free, eat healthier, have food addictions, exercise more, have allergies, have better supplementation routine (the list is endless)? You know what to do but you are just not achieving your goals.

Health coach is your friend and an accountability partner. Together, we review your goals and set a plan. I will work with you to breakthrough emotional and mental obstacles that keep you from achieving your health goals.

Scientifically, your body can turn your healthy actions into habits in 20-30 days. This is our goal!

1 month of transformation includes:

  • weekly 25-min 1-on-1 coaching (via video calls);
  • daily tips to practice (via e-mails with short videos per e-mail included);
  • ongoing check ins (via text or upon agreement);
  • Facebook closed community group is coming in October 2017!
  • future possibility: group sessions as well as health community events.

The cost is $168/ first month. If you want to stick around longer, $150/month.

You CAN have the body and life YOU want through the transformation of YOUR OWN will power!

  • Have questions? I am here to answer.  (972) 489-7449 or
  • Want to test the ground and check how you are doing lifestyle- and nutrition-wise? Use a 4-min personalized HealthPrint.

Ready to start?! Congratulations on the most important step towards your success! Request your free session today! (972) 489-7449 or

Don’t wait to think! Your life is NOW! The moment is NOW! ACT!

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