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A Day of My Life – Live Stream (2018-02-26)

In this livestream, I share why I do what I do. I also share my daily routine schedule, which is based on my life priorities.

My Difference Kinda Newsletter
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The Power of Habit Live Stream (02-12-2018)

In this live stream, I share the science of a habit and what to do if you want to change your bad/old habit.


21 Days of Gratitude (Live Stream, 2018-02-05)

In this video, I share ways to keep your health healthy and happy. The main focus in this video is gratitude. Gratitude is the basis of feeling happy. 21 Days of Gratitude is a FREE challenge offered to my closed FREE Facebook group Join us for this challenge and more to come.

How I Deal with Stress Live Stream (01-29-2018)

The Power of Gratitude Live Stream (01-18-2018)

In this video I share the benefits of gratitude and ways to implement it.

The Power of Meditation (01-15-2018)

In this video Ashlie Woods, Retreat Leader, shares the benefits of meditation as well as basics of how to successfully start practicing.

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Ashlie Woods:

My Biography – Updated in 2018

Nadya Tatsch, Health and Life Coach

Updated in 2018

By the divine Universe, I am guided to my purpose with Curiosity, Creativity, and Courage. I help people to be healthier so they can make a difference in the world.

I was born in Russia, Saint-Petersburg. Graduated with Bachelors in Education and Masters in Psychology, and worked with special needs children.

I moved to the United States in 2003 and soon got married and we had two beautiful daughters.

As a new mom, I would spend most all my attention and energy on raising children and caring for my family. With that said, I neglected my own health, and, as a result, my immune system was weak, and I would get regular colds (about 7 days out of a month, I would spend sick in bed). Eventually, I started looking for natural means to restore my health. Being from Europe, I knew that honey and garlic would work. (smile)

My husband suggested for me to try Shaklee natural products that his sister had used for almost 20 years. A reliable referral source (my husband) and the longevity (20 years) caught my attention. I said Yes! I listened to the video and bought a package.  It was a business package, but I was interested in the products and the package delivered them. Eventually, I restored my health and gained extra energy! I moved to testing other products and totally loved the result. My home got chemical-free. My daughter stopped having ear infections. My husband lost 40 lbs. Since 2009, I have been using Shaklee products for my daily needs. I am in the best shape of my life and feel best!

Today, Shaklee is not only a part of my daily life but also my business ( I want to make a difference for others and can’t stop sharing. Shaklee is #1 natural company (since 1915) and provides beyond organic quality products for your wellness (natural supplementation, healthy weight, chemical-free homes, anti-aging skin, sports nutrition, kids, and more) ( Instead of spending the same monthly budget in Walmart, you redirect your spending by purchasing from Shaklee, sharing with others, and receiving your monthly bonus check. Pays for the products, great tax deduction, perks of car payments, luxurious trips together with flexible hours and work schedule on your terms.

I currently invite team mates, who will train and coach with me to own their successful Shaklee business.

Working with people and helping them feel better with Shaklee products (since 2009), I realized my passion was in life style coaching. It’s every day choices that make a difference in your big health goals. In 2017, I established my health coaching practice ( I approach my coaching from the view of health as a puzzle; each piece is important and every little change leads to success. My clients and I also work deeply on the aspect of Why. When you know your deep why, the small every day actions become a road map rather than obstacles.

The services I offer in my health and life coaching practice are a 1-on-1 coaching, group programs, and a participation in a FREE closed Facebook group “Friends in Health” (

My vision for the future is to be a part of the large team of extraordinary individuals, who with one kindness at a time, create the ripple effect towards the better world.

Thank you for reading my biography. And If something speaks to you, send me a comment. I am glad to hear from you.

To your wellness and prosperity,

Nadya Tatsch

(972) 489-7449

21 Powerful Mornings Program

Q&A Live Stream.

In this Live Stream, I address the most asked questions. What is this program about? Why do I need it? Will it work for me? Can I do it alone? Why do I have to do it in the morning? Why 21 days?

Join the Program >

Join the Program >

Happy Holidays from Nadya Tatsch! 2017-18


Wishing Health, Prosperity, Love, and Abundance in All Areas of Your Life!

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 Love Your Life!

Love Your Self!

Love Your Earth!

Love All on Earth!

And Start Each Day with a Thankful Heart!


Happy Holidays!

Yours truly

Holiday Gifts Ideas

Gifts of HEALTH have more value–they keep on giving!   

We and SHAKLEE are here to help.

(These ideas are great all year long, too.)

Printable copy


*180 Pomegranate Tea Stick(s) with a Ghirardelli Chocolate Square with a note to “enjoy this gift of energy” and to “remember to enjoy antioxidants all year long.”

*Energy Chew(s) with a note to “get energized like an Olympian.”

*Life Shake Mix Packet noting it’s “a gift of healthy fast food this busy season.”

*Sample of MindWorks noting it’s “a gift of a bright idea.”



*Performance Sports Drink (Orange or Lemon-Lime), 180 Snack Bars, and Joint & Muscle Pain Cream with a sports bottle, sports gift like a signed ball or signed photo.

*180 Snack Crisps (Sea Salt or Barbecue or both) in a basket circled with ribbon along with some movies or a subscription to NetFlix, Amazon video, HBO, etc.

*Basic-H2 with a sponge in a bucket filled with car magazines.  Add Scour Off Paste for the tires and tough spots.

*ENFUSELLE Sun Screen, Performance Sports Drink (Orange or Lemon-Lime), and ENERGY CHEWS with golf stuff, balls, gym bag, etc.

*180 Meal Bars with brochures for hiking trails, bike routes, fishing holes, etc.



*YOUTH Anti-Aging Skin Care collection with a lighted makeup mirror.

*Chocolate Energizing Protein, Cocoa Meal Shake, or Life Shake Mix Canister or Packets for healthy hot chocolate with a warm hat, scarf, and gloves.

*Herbal Blend Multi-Purpose Cream with slippers and/or cute designer sox.  Include a note about how the cream soothes sore feet year round.  You can even refrigerate it to cool feet in summer.

*MB Cleansing Bar and Hand & Body Lotion wrapped with a pretty ceramic soap dish and colorful bath accessories.

*ENFUSELLE Infusing Mineral Masque and Skin Polisher with a silky robe, one in each pocket along with 180 Chocolate & Coconut Snack Bars.

*YOUTH C+E Skin Repair in a chic matte cosmetic clutch with a designer mirror.

*YOUTH AM Skin Repair with a beautiful scarf in a gold organza bag.



*Cocoa or Vanilla Energizing Protein with a recipe for peanut butter “energy balls” and a festive container full of them rolled in coconut, and/or nuts, and/or raisins.

*Travel Bag filled with ENFUSELLE Products like Lip Treatment, Sun Screen, Shea Butter Cream, etc. along with travel magazines and/or a video of a fun destination.

*Chewable C and/or ENERGY CHEWS in a beautiful candy dish wrapped with a big bow.

*Instant Protein Soy Mix with pumpkin bread or cranberry/orange bread you’ve made with it.  Or a pretty container of dessert bars made with it.  Include the recipes!

*180 Tea with a cute teapot and tea cozy or Life Shake Chocolate and Café Latte Packets with designer coffee mugs.



*MB Cleansing Bar sewn into satin material and decorated as a drawer sachet, or wrapped in a pretty handkerchief tied with a velvet ribbon.

*Joint & Muscle Pain Cream with a tag wishing them many nights of perfect sleep!

*A Snack Bar (4 yummy flavors) wrapped with a ribbon.



*Basic-H2 Organic Super Cleaning Wipes and Germ Off Wipes with baby clothes, blanket, etc.  (Include info why these products are safer for baby and the whole family.)

*SHAKLEE Baby Gentle Wash with some fun tub toys and a book about bath time.

*MIGHTY SMART “Smart Candy” with books and fun pens for a grade schooler.

*INCREDIVITES, Meal Shake and a SHAKLEE Shaker with a fun wake-up alarm clock.



*180 Snack Bars (4 yummy flavors) wrapped in a see-through colorful net and tied with ribbon, or cut up into trail mix in fun containers.

*ENFUSELLE Shower Gel, ENFUSELLE Hand & Body Lotion, and Bath Sponge in a pretty shower caddy or with a set of monogrammed towels.

*Basic-H2 Sample rolled in tissue tied at each end with festive ribbon with a card that says, “A gift to you and our Earth!  Enjoy!”

*Chewy Apple Cinnamon Bars with some polished apples in a festive box or basket.



*Joint & Muscle Pain Relief Cream with a microwaveable comfort pillow.

*180 Tea with a cookbook of decadent gluten-free desserts.

*ENFUSELLE Firming Serum with a pretty scarf, or jewelry, or designer shades.

*180 Snack Crisps (Sea Salt or Barbecue or both) in a basket circled with ribbon along with gourmet soup makings and a cookbook.

*Get Clean Pitcher (possibly with a year’s supply of filters) with a set of fashionable drinking glasses, ice trays, fresh lemons and limes.

*CorEnergy and B-Complex with boxes of various kinds of teas and a mug.

*Instant Protein Soy Mix with recipes for fish batter, muffins, etc…or baking utensils.

*Menopause Balance Complex with a box of chocolates.

*SHAKLEE Baby Soothing Lotion is a hit with anyone who remembers bringing up baby and its lavender scent babies your senses as the lotion youthens your skin!



*VIVIX or MINDWORKS with a fun calendar and a note to have a “youthening” year.

*VITALIZER or CORENERGY with a picture of the kids/grandkids/great grandkids.

* ENERGY CHEWS or PHYSIQUE with a gift of gym membership.

*BLOOD PRESSURE COMPLEX with extreme sports videos or really scary movies.

*NUTRIFERON with ear muffs/ski mask and  LOTION or MULTI CREAM.



*Stress Relief Complex with tickets to something fun for “stress relief” or add VITALIZER with a map and a shaving kit or cosmetic bag for traveling.

*EZGEST and Stomach Soothing Complex with a coupon for a supply of ice cream for someone who usually can’t eat it…or with a coupon for dinner out at a restaurant known for 4 Alarm chili, or Mexican food, or spicy Indian cuisine, etc.

*SHAKLEE Sun Screen SPF 30 with sun hat, ball cap, sunglasses, or picnic basket.

*180 Turnaround Kit or Lean & Healthy Kit to start slimming in the new year, along with a funky calendar, coupons for a shopping spree for clothes/bathing suit in 90 days.

*Orange and Lemon-Lime Performance Drink Canisters with a walking audio like Dr. Weil’s or a designer water bottle or gift indoor exercise equipment.

*Ultra Moisturizing Shea Butter Cream with a gift certificate for a massage.

*Fresh Laundry Concentrate & Soft Fabric Concentrate with some luxurious towels.

*Performance with gardening things like a hat, cotton gloves, and/or kneeling pad.  You could add Joint & Muscle Pain Cream, and Basic-H2 as a safe bug repellant, an invisible glove, as fertilizer, and more.

*PHYSIQUE Recovery Drink and Joint Health Complex with a jump rope or exercise DVD for someone making New Year resolutions.

*ProSanté Hair Care System with a really nice brush and hair things, along with info about how hair will thicken….or stop falling out…whatever is the wish for the New Year.



*A COLDS & FLU KIT (about $262) Alfalfa, Defend & Resist, Vita-Lea without Iron, Garlic, GERM OFF Wipes, Liqui-Lea, Pre/Pro-biotic, Performance Lemon Lime, Performance Orange, Vita-C Chewable, Vita-C Tablet, Vitalized Immunity, Vita-D3, Zinc.

*AN ACHEY BREAKY EMERGENCY KIT (about $265)  EZGest, Gentle Sleep Complex, GERM OFF Wipes, Herb-Lax, Joint & Muscle Pain Cream, Joint Health Complex, Multi-Purpose Cream, Pain Relief Complex, Performance Lemon Lime, Performance Orange, PHYSIQUE, Stomach Soothing Complex, Vitamin D3, Zin

*Healthy First Aid Kit or Healthy “Non-Medicine” Cabinet in a pretty basket or bag or case. Choose any combination of the following…


Printable copy


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